Cascade Fire Station

PROJECT: Cascade Fire Station


INDUSTRY: Municipal Building

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Triangle Associates

We were honored to be selected to join the great team of contractors for this nearly $11 million project, replacing the Cascade Fire Station. Thornapple Excavating has operated out of Cascade Township since our beginning, nearly 50 years ago. The beautiful brick tower, sporting the “Fire Station 1” emblem will serve as a landmark, as well as a reminder for our crewmembers of the role they played in the project for years to come!

This project was relatively straightforward from a sitework standpoint, although the sandy site did present an interesting challenge for our crew. Excavating contractors typically seek out sand sites since they simplify the earthwork process and are less effected by weather. In this case, however, the sand made it difficult for other trades to get around the site since the concrete parking lot didn’t require a layer of gravel below it like a typical parking lot would. Our crew installed a temporary drive to combat this, constructed from the broken-up asphalt we removed during the demolition phase at the beginning of the project.