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In order to provide first-class service, you have to have a first-class fleet. That’s why Thornapple Excavating has one of Michigan’s largest and most sophisticated fleets of earth-moving machinery and an in-house service team to maintain our diggers 24/7.

Our fleet is 100% Caterpillar vehicles for a simple reason: CAT will out-dig, out-produce and outwork every other machine on the market. It’s been that way for the last 100 years. They last longer and they’re built stronger, which all equates to more production, more work done on the customer’s job and less downtime. And downtime is simply not an option on a job site. That’s why we have CAT-certified mechanics and a professional service truck that’s fully rigged with parts and equipment—so we can service our earth movers in the field when there’s an issue.

At its core, Thornapple believes the best way to ensure top-of-line performance is to manage the entire process end to end. With the creation and steady build-out of our mobile services unit, we are able to monitor and schedule upkeep in synch with all various project needs. The mobile services unit is also available 24/7 and able to address any mechanical issues in the field.

This means that when you hire Thornapple, there is never any time lost on a job site and projects stay on schedule.

For more information or to request a quote, contact us or call 616-940-4766.