LOCATION: Kalamazoo, MI
INDUSTRY: Industrial Warehouse
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Wolverine Construction

Another industrial project TE crews recently completed was this 240,000 square foot medical storage facility.

We completed just over 60,000 cubic yards of cut/fill, and 8,000 tons of aggregate import to be placed under more than 10 acres of paved surfaces. Despite challenges with wet soil, two crews were able to knock most of the project out in just a few months! 

We also installed an interesting stormwater retention system on this job. Rather than underground retention, this design called for a watertight liner to be installed inside the three-acre pond to hold water onsite instead of percolating into the soil like a typical retention pond. The crew then installed a thick layer of topsoil to hide the liner, giving the same visual result of a normal pond.

We’re working through the budget process with the developer now, so stay tuned!